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MOPS_DanceSyndrome is a non-profit association, dance school and company made up entirely of young adults with Down Syndrome.


MOPS_DanceSyndrome is an independent Swiss artistic, cultural and social organisation operating in the field of contemporary dance and disability, the only one of its kind in Switzerland and Europe. The association aims at developing and promoting choreography and cinematography projects, using a specific method to offer continuing education in contemporary dance and raising public awareness with experiences that illustrate how what was once generally perceived as a shortcoming, can be a strength, unleash strength and become an artistic and cultural resource, an enrichment for society.


Created by the choreographer and multidisciplinary Swiss artist Ela Franscella for more than ten years, MOPS_DanceSyndrome - unique in Europe - is composed only of down dancers (Trisomy 21) and it’s recognised for its quality and professionalism by Pro Helvetia – the Swiss Foundation for Culture, Danse Suisse, the and others. A recent winner of a further acknowledgement in the shape of the , the association pursues the objective of safeguarding individuals and maximising the recognition of their value through diversity, becoming the first dance company to act as an ambassador of a universal message of respect, equality and co-evolution, promoting activities and exchanges worldwide.


The dance company currently has more than ten original choreographic productions to its credit and its activity encompasses professional dance circuits, where it works on a par with companies of non-disabled dancers. MOPS_DanceSyndrome takes part to international dance festivals, performing in Switzerland and abroad, and partners with Swiss and foreign professional dance companies. In addition to contemporary dance performances, the association had made several short art videos, directed by Ela Franscella and performed by dancers from MOPS_DanceSyndrome, for projection at international film festivals. In 2012 a 52 minutes documentary has also been broadcasted by RSI - Radiotelevisione Svizzera italiana by Mirto Storni.

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